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Plus Minus Performing Student Compositions In June City University's ensemble in residence, Plus Minus, returned to the Performance Space to perform compositions by current undergraduate and masters students.
The concert was the culmination of a process that began in April when students were given the ...
'While In Russia': City University Symphony Orchestra at LSO St. Luke's City University Symphony Orchestra returned to LSO St Luke's in May to round off another successful year.
Anthony Weeden conducted a Russian themed evening which began with Mikhail Glinka's Kamarinskaya before Tatjana Goldberg joined the orchestra for a performance of ...
Javanese Gamelan Ensemble - ING Centre for Music Studies' Javanese Gamelan Ensemble, directed by Andy Channing, perform ING (laras pelog).
The concert featured three ensembles, performing on Gamelan Sekar Enggal, an iron and brass gamelan made in the late 1980s, by Suhirjan of Yogyakarta, Central ...
Pocket Caravan - Lamento Sertanejo/Delicado Pocket Caravan perform Lamento Sertanejo and Delicado by Jose Dominguinhos and Waldir Azevedo.
Performed on 17th February 2012 at Performance Space, City University, London
Stephane Ginsburgh - West pole Stephane Ginsburgh performing West Pole for one piano/percussion player and electronics, by Panayiotis Kokoras
Performed on 20 March 2012, Performance Space, City University, London.
Plus Minus at City University, London, highlights Plus Minus perform at City University, London
29th November 2011

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