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International Summer Course 2017 (Netherhall House) International Summer Course at Netherhall House. A group of students ages between 16 and 23, from 8 different countries spent 23 days learning about the English language and culture. Sports, excursions, visits to museum and places like Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, ...
Netherhall House, Hall of residence for male students in London Collegiate Life
Netherhall House is an intercollegiate hall of residence for male students, situated in a pleasant part of Hampstead, and well-connected by public transport to the colleges and institutions of higher education in London.
In the tradition of Oxbridge ...
Christmas Carol Netherhall House Christmas Carols 2015
Netherhall House 2009 social project: Mae Sot Social project in Mae Sot, Thailand. A group of 8 students built and financed a classroom block for Burmese refugee children.
Mae Sot 2008 Netherhall Project Building of a classroom and 2 toilets for a school providing education to Burmese emigrant children

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