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The Art of the Side Hustle Have you ever thought about starting your own business? And, pursuing it without giving up your full time job? For many, side hustles create an alternative path for working individuals seeking to expand or change their careers. Whether it's a ...
How to Hire a Co-op from Your Alma Mater For over 100 years the cooperative education program has provided Northeastern students with experiential learning opportunities, distinguishing alumni as resilient trailblazers in their careers. As an alumnus/a you remember your co-op experience, and in this webinar you will learn how ...
Sources Of Real-World Data Explore the different sources of real-world data (RWD) as well as discover proposed frameworks for real-world evidence (RWE) in medical product development and regulatory decision making.
Introduction To Real-World Evidence Gain an introduction into real-world evidence (RWE), focusing on the use in biomedical research for medical devices, drugs, and biologics.
Regulation of Gene Therapies Gain an overview of the regulation of gene therapies and the challenges associated with this including safety, effectiveness, and commercialization.
Regulation of Cannabis Be introduced to the regulation of cannabis and cannabinoid derivatives, and how it varies on a federal level and state-to-state level.
MS In Regulatory Affairs: Unique Features Learn about the unique features of Northeastern’s Regulatory Affairs program and the importance of having policy, scientific, and technical perspectives.
Skills and Competencies of HR Professionals Gain an overview of the importance of workforce analytics into supporting an organization’s HR strategy.
Constructs Of Employee Engagement Discover what employee engagement means and how you put these ideas into action in your workplace.
Trends in Workforce Development Learn about rethinking human resources management in an age of a changing workforce that has different expectations than in the prior workforces.
What is Human Resources Management? Learn about the major functions of human resources management (HRM), and the impact it has on an organization both internally and externally.
MS in Human Resources Management: Unique Features Hear about what sets apart the MS in Human Resources Management – one of Northeastern’s newest degree offerings.
Winning With Your Talent Management Strategy Gain a preview of what is coming up in this course and be introduced to the faculty director, Dr. Carl Zangerl.
Northeastern NUsource User Guide NUsource is your resource to connect with your global Northeastern network for advice, career strategies and more. New to NUsource? Here are 5 easy steps to gain your footing within the platform.
Featured Reads Interview: Abiding by the 5 Universal Laws of Success Listen to our interview with Professor Albert-László Barabási on how to incorporate the five laws from his international bestseller The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success into our everyday lives. Too often, accomplishment does not equate to success. We have ...
Career by Design Webinar: Create Your Professional Brand Get people important to you to recognize your accomplishments. In this workshop, you'll gain the tools to successfully launch or relaunch your professional brand, learn how to prioritize your time to see results in a shorter timeline, and implement strategies ...
Congrats 2019 Graduates! Congratulations to the Northeastern Class of 2019!
The US Legal System: Overview Gain an overview of the US legal system, including the sources of law, differences between civil and criminal law, and how cases make it to the Supreme Court.
Career by Design Webinar: The Resume Experience – 4 Easy Ways to Convert Resumes to... Gain expert career advice to help upgrade your resume and get noticed by employers. Learn the latest ideas about types of resumes, strategic content, modern aesthetics, and marketing key skills.
This webinar was presented by Jheneal McDuffie, CPS’10, MS’12, on ...
Course Wrap-up Conclude the course with a brief wrap-up on the legal system and learning opportunities at Northeastern.
Certificates in Legal Studies Discover the certificates available in business law, health law, human resources law, and intellectual property law that are stackable into the Master of Legal Studies (MLS).
Learning Opportunities – Master of Legal Studies Learn about what the Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program entails. By earning a MSL you’re setting yourself up to be effective in any number of jobs that directly and indirectly interact with lawyers and the law.
Arguments Against Originalism Examine the view of those who support a living constitution who believe the language of the constitution is deliberately vague.
Arguments in Favor of Originalism Understand the view of the originalists who believe that the meaning of the constitution and its amendments are frozen in time.
Originalism v. a Living Constitution Explore one of the biggest debates in law, which is whether the constitution should be viewed as a living or dead document.
The Supreme Court’s Role in American Life This video introduces the Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court case, which paved the way for marriage equality in the US. Hear about how the court’s differing views on privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties impacts our lives.
What is the US Legal System? This is an introduction to the US legal system and the rule of law concept.
Career by Design Webinar: Tap into NUsource Interested in searching for or being a mentor? Introducing NUsource – your link to your Northeastern network. This new platform is exclusive to Northeastern alumni who are already willing to provide career advice, industry insights, work/life balance tips, and more! ...
The Giving Year Revisited - TOFA Tokens Jo Englesson the founder of TOFA embarks on the first Giving Year by giving a Token of Appreciation to someone that made a difference in her day every day for 365 days. She documented every day on You Tube. These ...
Best Gratitude Flash Mob Proposal Ever MOBILE VERSION http://gratitudetraining.com/images/stories/flashmob.m4v (takes a minute to load)
On August 25, 2012 Jo Englesson, founder of Gratitude Training, asked an amazing community to support her in asking Arian to marry her. Magic was happening in the best lesbian flashmob marriage ...

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