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THE COUNTERFEITERS - UNPLUGGED The pandemic has not stopped us! A few clips from recent acoustic gigs during the summer of the apocalypse. Hope to see you all six feet closer very soon.
THE COUNTERFEITERS @ULYSSES TAP HOUSE, NYC! The Ultimate Party Band and friends rocking Ulysses' Thursday Night Concert Series!
The Counterfeiters - "All Summer Long" The Counterfeiters (and a few friends) rocking the Stage House Tavern!
THE COUNTERFEITERS - DIRTY OLD TOWN The Counterfeiters rocking the Pogues at Egans St. Paddys 3/17/19
THE COUNTERFEITERS - SWEET CHILD O' MINE - ST. PADDY'S 3/17 The Ultimate Party Band rocking Egans' St. Patrick's Bash 3/17/19! www.thecounterfeitersband.com
THE COUNTERFEITERS - LIVE EVENT PROMO! There's The Counterfeiters, then there's everybody else. www.thecounterfeitersband.com
Marybeth and Steven! 9.28.19 The Ultimate Party band rocking the union of Steven and Marybeth! The Channel Club, Monmouth Beach, NJ.

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