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Black & Asian Studies Association, a 27 Year Review. Seminar Video of half day conference (3.11.2018 ) featuring two of the founding members of the pioneering B.A.S.A. (Black and Asian Studies Association) Professor Hakim Adi and Marika Sherwood. They speak about the achievements of B.A.S.A. over almost three decades and ...
Frantz Fanon film plus Q&A at African Odysseys BFI Southbank Q&A after screening of Black Skin,White Masks by Isaac Julien on Saturday 10th February 2018 with Kunle Olulode, director of Voice4Change, Cecil Gutzmore, lecturer and activist, Tony Warner and Samenua Sesher, writer, coach and culture management consultant (Blade of Grass)
BLACK PANTHER Special screening Genesis cinema Sunday 11th February 2018 Black History Walks presents a special African Odysseys community screening of the eagerly anticipated Black Panther movie with a panel of experts to discuss the history, impact and future of this and other African superheroes. Feel free to cosplay (dress ...
Blacks Britannica. Panel Q&A part of African Odysseys @BFIsouthbank 28 January 2017. Intro and Q and A panel for the revolutionary film by David Koff that was banned in 1978 then bought by Channel 4 but never shown. The documentary shows a host of Black British civil rights activists ...
Black Historical Superheroes Calendar 2018 A different Black history fact for every day of the year and 12 real Black historical heroes portrayed as superheroes. More from raisingblackachievement.com
Queen Nzinga Lectures (14) African Hair Police: Death and discrimination Pt 1/2 Queen Nzingha Lecture series(14) African Hair Police : Death and Discrimination on your head by Kandace Chimbiri
Saturday 12 April 2014 2.00pm to 5.30pm.
Queen Nzinga was an African Queen who fought against the European invasion of southern Africa (Congo/Angola). ...
Gary Younge and Professor Gus John on Black British Civil Rights Professor Gus John is interviewed by Gary Younge onstage after a screening of a film about Black British Civil Rights 50 Years of Struggle at the BFI Southbank on 14th March 2015

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