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#ThePlayground Episode 7: Zumba Fitness with Laura #ThePlayground presents a fun Zumba class with an instructor. Please exercise at your own risk.
#ThePlayground Episode 9: Fruit and Spice Exotic Fruits and Plants Tour #ThePlayground presents this fun and enjoyable tour of Fruit and Spice Park's very own exotic fruits!
#ThePlayground Episode 8: Reef Snorkeling #ThePlayground presents this awesome snorkeling video.
#ThePlayground Episode 6: Watermelon Sundae with Gerrod Bodie #ThePlayground presents this tasty treat from our Redlands Fruit and Spice Park!
#ThePlayground Episode 5: Miami EcoAdventures Kayaking Tour #ThePlayground presents a fun in the sun kayaking video from Miami EcoAdventures!

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