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Sing with Me 100 Russian songs For our 100th session, I've decided to take us back to my grandfather's book of the Old Russian Romance which I remember sitting on his piano for as long as I knew him. The book is as old as I ...
Sing with me 99 Yiddish songs Monday 15 February - SWM 99 - Yiddish songs
In the middle of the 19th century the Russian tsars unleashed a war against Chechnya and Dagestan, trying to subordinate them to their colonial policy. The resistance of the maintain people ...
Sing with Me 98 Russian Spiritual Verses Today our singing is dedicated to literally lifting our spirit: for the first time in Sing with Me, we are going to dip our toes into the genre of the Russian Spiritual Verse.
Spiritual Verses (in Russian, “dukhovnye stikhi”) are ...

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